Turn Your Promissory Notes
and Mortgages into Cash Today

Note Investment Capital is a buyer of promissory notes, mortgages, trust deeds and land contracts in all 50 states of the USA.

Do you need to raise cash?

We Buy Notes in Several Different Ways:

1) Full Purchase – This is when we buy your complete note for cash.

2) Partial Purchase – This is when we buy only x number of payments of the note. It is a great way ┬áto raise cash quickly when you find that you only need a certain amount of cash to pay off some bills or other expenses. Selling part of your note is often a better option.

3) Installment Purchase – This is when we buy several partials. We might buy a partial for example, 48 payments, and then buy another 48 payments later on.

Note Investment Capital was created to offer the highest customer satisfaction during transaction of purchasing mortgage and business notes. Our extensive experience in the note buying and purchasing arena has allowed us to provide the highest prices for the notes that are brought to us. Note holders can expect to receive fast, accurate, and attention to details during the sale of their business notes.